Amatora QUO Hair Bath (Shampoo)

We always desire to have oil-free scalp and undamaged hair strands. Who doesn’t want to break the odds of bad hair days? It is a fact that well-shampooed hair makes you look two times more intelligent. To fulfill your desires, you need to wash your hair with a good shampoo containing keratin thoroughly.

If you search for a keratin shampoo that helps regain natural-born youthful hairs, you must switch on to an Amatora QUO hair bath.

Amatora QUO hair bath is an aging care shampoo that prevents graying hairs and nourishes the scalp. It not only promotes hair texture but also repairs damage.
This Amatora QUO hair bath contains keratin and apple amino acid as crucial ingredients. With these ingredients, this shampoo makes a foamy lather to provide softness to the hair. It also contains squalene and jojoba oil to make hair manageable for a long time.

Amatora QUO hair bath removes oil and dirt from the hair and removes the remaining alkaline used for chemical treatment. This gentle wash is silicon-free and ideal for all types of hair. It naturally protects the hair from damage like UV rays.

You can get smooth, silky, and manageable hair in just a few steps. Moist your hair with warm water and take one push on your palm, then lather the shampoo using both the palms and gently apply it to your hair and scalp. Massage well for few seconds and rinse with water. Repeat the shampoo and leave it on your hair for few minutes and rinse again with water.

For best results, use Amatora QUO Kitomasq, Amatora QUO Colamasq, and Amatora Kiqu Nano CMC.