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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products
Curl Define GelCurl Define Gel
Wellness Curl Define Gel
Sale price$25.00
Hydration 20/80 Cream Style AidHydration 20/80 Cream Style Aid
Hydration Mask & Ampoule TreatmentHydration Mask & Ampoule Treatment
Hydration ShampooHydration Shampoo
Wellness Hydration Shampoo
Sale price$33.00
Hydration Silver SerumHydration Silver Serum
Hygiene Solutions Hand Cream
Intensive ConditionerIntensive Conditioner
Intensive Gold SerumIntensive Gold Serum
Wellness Intensive Gold Serum
Sale price$49.00
Intensive Hydrating CreamIntensive Hydrating Cream
Intensive Mask & Ampoule TreatmentIntensive Mask & Ampoule Treatment
Shower GelShower Gel
Wellness Shower Gel
Sale price$27.00
Silver MaskSilver Mask
Wellness Silver Mask
Sale price$50.00
Silver ShampooSilver Shampoo
Wellness Silver Shampoo
Sale price$35.00
Wellplex Conditioner
Wellness Wellplex Conditioner
Sale price$37.00
Wellplex Hair SerumWellplex Hair Serum
Wellness Wellplex Hair Serum
Sale price$50.00
Wellplex Leave in Mask
Wellplex MaskWellplex Mask
Wellness Wellplex Mask
Sale price$58.00
Wellplex Shampoo
Wellness Wellplex Shampoo
Sale price$33.00

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