Amatora QUO ColamasQ (Conditioner)

A rich, aging care conditioner is made in Japan containing hematin and fulvic acid. An abundance of both collagen and marine collagen leaves even the driest damaged hair, soft and supple. Marine collage, with its extreme bonding properties, firmly attaches to the hair and repairs damage.

Its cuticle tightening effects also prevents color fade as it enhances shine. The easily penetrable 100% liquid crystal structure (Lamellar Technology) of QUO ColamasQ allows all the vital ingredients to be delivered deep into the hair. With each use, it keeps building protective layers that will increase the hair's ability to retain moisture while making it silkier and smoother.

Furthermore, orange raffia oil, argan oil, and shea butter replenish moisture. Simultaneously, the dense cuticle coating formed by raw keratin leaves hair soft, bouncy, and thoroughly delightful!

  • Regain your natural-born youthful hair!
  • Prevent graying. Scalp care. Repairs damage.
  • Rich conditioning, yet light and bouncy manageable finish
  • Thoroughly repairs even the most damaged hair.
  • A citrus scent reminiscent of a Mediterranean breeze (contacts four essential oils including bergamot and lemongrass)
  • Eliminates residual alkaline after chemical treatments
  • Silicone free, making this ideal for the head spa.
  • Naturally protects hair from UV damage.
  • Replenishes moisture creating a supple shine finish.