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Give your hair the nourishment it needs and restore its natural shine.

This foam treatment is formulated for damaged hair, gives your hair a smooth texture, and makes styling easier. It’ll leave your hair soft to the touch and with a healthy shine.

This foam is a CMC repairing treatment, using nano-size CMC to help your hair retain its moisture and stay hydrated.

Our formula contains a blend of natural herbs that hydrate your hair, stimulate hair growth, neutralize free radical damage, and restore your hair’s shine.

Wave goodbye to brittle hair and say hello to healthy hair.

Nano CMC

Healthy hair is rich in CMC (cell membrane complex). It is a natural oil-based ingredient in hair that, along with Cholesterol and Ceramide 2, is a crucial component that helps retain moisture. When hair becomes weakened and damaged, it loses CMC.

Amatora Kiqu is a CMC repairing treatment, but its secret is the nano-size CMC! It penetrates even deeper into the lipid layers of the hair and cuticle. Additionally, rich essential oils, Palmitic acid, and Oleic acid in Kiqu deliver intense moisture leaving even the driest brittle ends of hair smooth, sleek, shiny, and ultra-soft!

Specialty OF Kiqu

  • Repairs and strengthens hair deep into the cuticle resulting in a silky shine finish!
  • Dry and brittle ends of hair become rich, moisturized, sleek hair.
  • Provides intense moisture that will last all day long!
  • A quick and firm penetration of ingredients into the hair, restoring hair to a rich moisturized shine.
  • Use with any chemical treatment at any time, and it doesn't block!

Natural Herbs

  • Althaea Officinalis Root Extract (Moisture)
  • Tilia Cordata (Anti-aging care/Antioxidant)
  • Paeonia Suffruticosa Andrew (Anti-inflammatory)
  • Arnica Montana(Moisture/Stimulates blood circulation)

How to Use

Apply to towel-dried hair, focusing on damaged areas of hair before drying as usual. Apply before using hot tools for styling to keep your hair hydrated.


Keratin: A protein that makes up skin and hair. Conditioning effect. [Ceramide II] [18-MEA] [Cholesterol]

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I wanted!

Been using this mousse on my hair for years. Still happy with the product.

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