Amatora QUO Hair Bath (Shampoo)

Embark on a new hair journey with Amatora QUO Hair Bath

Who doesn't want to break free from bad hair days and have healthy, undamaged hair? Well-shampooed hair can make you look twice as intelligent; therefore, a good shampoo containing keratin to cleanse your hair thoroughly is what you need.

If you're looking for a keratin shampoo to help you regain your natural-born youthful hair, look no further than Amatora QUO Hair Bath.

This aging care shampoo nourishes the scalp and prevents graying hair, promotes hair texture, and repairs damage. Its key ingredients include keratin and apple amino acid, which produce a foamy lather that softens the hair. The shampoo also contains squalene and jojoba oil, making hair manageable for extended periods.

Amatora QUO Hair Bath removes oil and dirt from the hair and eliminates residual alkaline used for chemical treatments. It also protects hair from damage, such as UV rays. This gentle wash is silicone-free and suitable for all hair types.

Achieving smooth, silky, and manageable hair is easy with Amatora QUO Hair Bath. Wet your hair with warm water, take one pump in your palm, and lather the shampoo using both palms. Apply it to your hair and scalp, massage well for a few seconds, and rinse with water. Repeat the shampoo and leave it on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing again with water.

Use Amatora QUO Kitomasq, Amatora QUO Colamasq, and Amatora OQ Leave-in Treatment Mousse combined with Amatora QUO Hair Bath for optimal results.

Start a new journey of healthy, beautiful hair with Amatora QUO Hair Bath. Try it today and see the difference for yourself.

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